Age years
Specialty Kizomba + Salsa + Bachata



Jose Nou Salsa started to dance in 1997 and started training with Yoli Nou Salsa as his dancing partner in 1993. They began to give classes of Salsa and Rueda de Casino in a musical pub called N9U Sentmenat, in Barcelona, from 2003 until 2005.

Between 2004 and 2006, they combined their work in different academies in Barcelona with constant training in a huge quantity of International Congresses and festivals all over Spain that, at that time, started to expand. Thanks to that, they received classes from the best international and national dancers of that moment.

In 2004, they got the 2nd position in the semifinal of the National Salsa Competition Ron Brugal.

In 2005, they were the absolute champions of the 7th edition of the Amateur Salsa Competition in the disco “El Manisero de la Salsa”, in Sabadell.

In 2005, as well,  they got the 2nd position in the semifinal of Barcelona and the 4th position in the final of Cataluña and Balearic Islands of the National Salsa Competition Ron Brugal.

In November of 2009, they became champions of the Internacional Academies competition, organized by the 8th International Salsa Festival in Galicia, Salsorro ’09, with their group N9U SALSA, formed by 5 couples, with the choreography “Gozadera”.

Since then, Jose and Yoli have been present in many national congresses, such as Salsorro, Simposium Madrid, Oscasalsa (Huesca), Benidorm Salsa Festival, Cullera, Valencia, Elche, Andorra or Deventer (Holanda), imparting workshops and shows.
Since 2002 until today they have been imparting classes of Salsa, Bachata, Cha-cha-cha, Rueda de Casino, Footworks and Kizomba.

They have imparted classes in many academies, such as El Manisero de la Salsa, in Sabadell (Barcelona), Zona de Ball school (Sabadell), in the party venue New Malibú (Manresa), in the Restaurante La Brúixa (Sabadell), Sport Gym (Sant Quirze del Vallès), Tot Dance (Sant Vicenç del Castellet), Icarus school (Cerdanyola), El Gran Blau (Vic), the gym Roser Puig (Vic), UDS Lloret school and Rítmic academy (Granollers).

Actually, Jose and Yolanda bet on constant work, creating school and training new dancers, of all ages, in order to make them feel the same passion for dancing as them, focusing on social dancing.    ï»¿