Age years
Specialty Hip Hop, Sexy Style, Contemporáneo

Alexia is from Guadalajara (Mexico) started dancing at the age of 4 (1999) starting with classical ballet and jazz for 7 years. Participating in international jazz competitions such as Girona and tap (tap) in Ukraine at the age of 10. In the same year I received an invitation for a private ballet training in the city of Moscow at the “Gshell” academy Later, at the age of 12 he left the classic and began with urban dances (hip hop) and at 16 he began with the "modern fusion" (or experimental contemporary), jazz and heels (heels). I participate in different editions of the competition "Jump Dance Convention" both in group and solo, winning two consecutive years 2 place and a scholarship for an intensive hip hop in the USA. First place in solo of “modern fusion” in Monterrey, Mexico in the “Impact Dance Convention” competition in 2014. I also participate 5 consecutive years in the intensive summer URBAN DANCE CAMP in Germany. At the age of 19 he moved to Barcelona (2015) and the same year I was a member of the “Tanus Mother” group of Sarah Coral and “Supafly Ladies” of Mario and Cristian. He is currently a member of the company "Supa Staff", participating in his various works as the urban musical "Grease Reloaded" and following his training. Above all I have been a professor of "modern fusion" (contemporary experimental / lyrical jazz) and hiphop both the "new style" and "sexy style"....