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Twerking is the name of this dance that is causing a sensation among teenagers through social networks, and that girls who appear in these make bold moves hip. Twerk currently dancing with hip hop music, trap, dancehall and other rhythms, it requires body control, strength and speed of movement well underway.

What is twerking?
If you look up the word in the urban dictionary describes as twerking: Hip hop dance moves for females, shaking, jerking and twitching her buttocks in a sexually provocative manner.

The term Twerk born in New Orleans in the 90s by the local music style called bounce. It started in the Dirty South and started spreading to the rest of the world thanks to songs and videos of Hip Hop.

Its main representatives are Twerk Team, a group of dancers from Atlanta who started in 2005.


Judit Martinez


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Tuesday: 19:00h
Thursday: 20:00h

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