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Shines is a steps and moves non couple kind of dance.

Is the moment while the dancers get separate and run their own individual performance. On Shine, dancers have the possibility to make their own moves and mix them whatever they want, depending the sense of the music. The only rule, is to execute the moves respecting the music rhythm.

These individual moves can be perform in any moment, but normally, it use to be performed, when it makes much sense based on the rhythm. So, that means, are properly performed on “descarga” segments. The percussion on “descargas” segments helps the dancer to play better the beat.

In conclusion, Shines allow you to get free, to open your creativity, and show, by your moves, the way you feel the music.


Andrés Pirez

Andrés comes from Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. He took his first steps of Cuban Salsa in 2000...


Class Details

Tuesday: 20:00h

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