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Initially, the Dancehall was a version of reggae full of "space", unlike other much more overloaded styles. By the mid 80's the instrumentation in this style became faster changing to more accelerated sounds.

This style owes its name to the dance halls where Jamaican popular music was played and people with less money who could not access the more affluent rooms came.

This genre coupled with the dance is characterized by being a very sensual dance, with clear references to African and Caribbean dance, and currently in Jamaica is a social dance, which is executed following the steps that the songs are naming or even mixed with movements HipHop many more energetic.

To finish, the movements of the dancehall will help you, besides enjoying and having fun, to achieve a more toned body and gain flexibility when making movements.

Don't imagine it reading, live it dancing.


Judit Martinez


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Thursday: 19:00h
Tuesday: 18:00h

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